Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling | Understanding Heaters vs. Boilers

Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling | Understanding Heaters vs. Boilers

Understanding Heaters vs. Boilers

When you live in Michigan, you understand the necessity of a warm home. Heating your home correctly is the priority, while energy efficiency and noise level are a close second and third. So, what are the main differences between furnaces and boilers for heating your house?


Furnaces tend to be less expensive up-front than boilers, as more are on the market. Boilers will also likely need more maintenance and repairs over time, which can be challenging to install. Energy costs for furnaces are probably going to be higher, however.

Noise Level

Boilers heat the home by heating water in a contained system, while furnaces blow hot air throughout the house. Because of this, boilers are much quieter.

Heat Generation

Furnaces can quickly change the heat they are outputting, allowing them to warm you up, while boilers take time to adjust to a thermostat change. However, the heat generated by boilers is more consistent throughout the house. Because warmed air loses its heat quickly, homes heated by furnaces will experience less even heating in various rooms.

Energy Efficiency

Most boilers require less fuel to heat up than furnaces. Newer, more energy-efficient boilers are significantly more expensive, though the investment will result in much lower energy costs.

Freezing Risks

Because boilers operate through the movement of heated water, shallow temperatures coupled with uninsulated pipes could cause the pipes to freeze. This could lead to a broken or burst pipe. Furnaces don’t have this concern.

Quality of Air

When furnaces push heated air through a home, it kicks up dust and particles that may have been sitting in the air ducts or around the house. Air filters have to be replaced to keep the air clean. This isn’t an issue with boilers.

Your Heating Repair Team

Whatever your current heating system, we want to be sure it keeps you warm this winter. If you need any maintenance or repairs to keep your furnace or boiler in peak condition, contact Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.