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Air Conditioning Services in Birmingham

Air conditioning units are required components in countless homes and buildings in Birmingham, MI. Residents rely on their air conditioners to make sure their environment remains cool throughout the warmest weeks of the summer. This is why an air conditioning failure can be a devastating circumstance for individuals in Birmingham.

At Birmingham Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we understand how necessary it is for your air conditioning system to perform effectively during the summer. Our team of licensed and insured HVAC contractors are able to assist with all types of AC repairs, preservation procedures, and installations, no matter what make or model.

Prevalent AC Problems

Our technicians can provide support and assistance with all of the most widespread AC issues, including:

· Unit Won’t Turn On: There are a couple of reasons for this issue, one being that your thermostat was inaccurately installed. Your thermostat may also simply be impaired itself, or your unit’s attachment to your chief line might be broken.
· AC Delivers Warm Air: If your unit is only producing warm air, it could be low on refrigerant or have a dirty air filter.
· AC Won’t Turn Off: Your AC is designed to operate continuously until the determined temperature is attained. If your AC is too little for the space you are trying to cool, it will be difficult for it to attain the determined temperature, which causes it to run continuously.
· Clogged Condensation Line: There are numerous things prone to building up within an AC unit’s drain line, all of which can generate clogs and cause water to flow in the drip pan. If you notice symptoms of fluid on your drip pan, call a licensed HVAC technician to get your unit’s drain line flushed.
· Stalled AC: This problem can appear for various reasons including a blocked airflow, dirty air filters, defective fan, or a decline in the unit’s power.

If you notice any of these issues with your AC unit, contact our team of specialists at Birmingham Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Birmingham, MI to address your concerns. We are accessible 24/7 to assist with all emergency AC matters, so you can rest assured we will be there in the event of an AC breakdown.

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