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Boiler Services and Repair in Birmingham

Your heating system’s boiler permits your heater to respond to changes in indoor and outdoor temperatures and to maintain a pleasant climate within a home or building. Boilers tend to encounter problems in the winter periods when they start running constantly following a long time of lighter activity.

Luckily, the expert HVAC technicians at Birmingham Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Birmingham are more than capable of handling all sorts of heating problems, including with your unit’s boiler. Our staff is prepared 24/7 to take care of emergency calls, so you can be certain you won’t have to manage an unfortunate heating emergency on your own.

Common Boiler Problems

No matter what make or model you own, our skilled HVAC contractors can help you with the most prevalent boiler issues, such as:
· Lack of heat or hot water: Lack of hot water or heating ability might be attributable to an impaired airlock, valve, or diaphragm. It might also be caused by depressed water levels or broken thermostats. If you see any signs of this issue occurring, first look at your thermostat and boiler pressure to see if these systems might be causing the problem. If the problem is a result of a faulty valve, airlock, or diaphragm, an HVAC technician can replace the part and restore your unit’s operations.
· Leak: The cause of a leaking boiler depends on the area of the hole, but the most prevalent reason for a leak is a defective internal component, such as pressure valve or pump seal. A broken pump seal will require a replacement component, while leakage coming from the pressure valve can mean your boiler pressure is too high.
· Low Pressure: Low pressure can be a consequence of leakage, an inadequate pressure release valve, or damaged radiators.
· Kettling: If you notice a strange sound that is similar to that of a kettle heating, the problem may lie within your boiler’s heat exchanger. Debris may have caused a buildup that is restraining water flow and causing water to steam, boil, and create the “kettling” sound. This condition will put pressure your boiler and can shorten your unit’s life. An expert technician can flush your unit and discharge the accumulated sediment effectively.

If you have any of the above concerns with your boiler or heating system, reach out to us at Birmingham Plumbing Heating & Cooling in order to have a distinguished HVAC technician inspect the issue and conduct repairs or a replacement as soon as possible.

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