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Air Conditioning Repair Services in Detroit

Air conditioning provides necessary relief from the high summer temperatures. In your home, air conditioning helps to keep you safe and comfortable. AC is especially important for commercial properties. You have to consider your comfort as well as that of everyone who uses your property. This can include employees, tenants, customers, and visitors to your space. This high volume of people can make any size space feel hot and stuffy. Having a reliable AC system is essential for keeping all occupants safe when the temperatures rise.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning systems can encounter a wide range of issues over time. In Detroit, we often rely on our heating system longer than our AC system, but it is still a vital part of our entire HVAC system. When the summer months start to approach, you want to know your AC system is ready.

The best way to be proactive is to invest in regular maintenance. Annual inspections with one of our technicians can help ensure your system is operating as efficiently as possible. This provides us the opportunity to look for minor concerns and address them on the spot. The sooner we can address smaller concerns, the better likelihood that you can avoid larger repairs that can be more expensive. Common problems to watch for include:

  • Inability to turn the unit on. It can be frustrating to turn your system on and nothing happens. If your system doesn’t turn on, this can be caused by different issues. In many instances, this is due to issues with the thermostat, or a poor electrical connection.
  • Inability to turn the unit off. Your AC system works by running continuously until it reaches the desired temperature. If your system isn’t turning off, or if it is kicking on too often, this could be a sign you need to call in a professional. Something within your system might not be working properly, or your system isn’t the right size to meet your needs.
  • Clogged condensation line. Your drain line can become clogged due to build-ups of debris. Any clog can cause water to flow into the drip pan. This could cause leaking, which could damage your ceiling or walls.
  • Leaks. Leaks can be a serious issue to your air conditioning system as well as your property. Leaks can be caused by damaged elements of your system, clogs, or improper air circulation. Our experienced technicians will be able to find the root of the problem, ensuring you get the right repair the first time around.

Trust the Professionals

At Birmingham Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, we provide expert repair services for any size air conditioning unit. We have the right tools and qualifications to conduct repairs on both residential and commercial units. Your air conditioning system is vital for keeping you comfortable when temperatures rise. We can provide the maintenance or repair services you require to ensure your system is operating as efficiently as possible when you need it. Contact us today to learn more about our air conditioning repair services.

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