Time to Get a New Furnace

Time to Get a New Furnace

Sometimes it is time to get a new furnace, but the signs aren’t so obvious.  Consider getting a new furnace for your home in Troy, Michigan, if you have problems keeping your home warm in the colder months.  It is better to get a new one in the fall instead of being out of heat in the winter and having to call for emergency replacement services!

Repair Services

If you find yourself calling for repair services more often than not, then considering a new furnace is a good idea.  Getting a new furnace before it goes out and stops working altogether can help you avoid expenses that you aren’t prepared for in the future.

Higher Bills

If you notice that your energy bills are much higher than average, your furnace may be the problem.  An inspection can tell you if it is still energy-efficient. Older furnaces may need to be replaced so that you can get the efficiency you desire.

An Old Furnace

Consider replacing your furnace once it is around 15 years old.  While furnaces can last longer when they have regular maintenance, it is always good to start saving for a new one beforehand.


If you have problems with the humidity levels in your home, then it could be your furnace.  Having your HVAC system checked to see why you have a problem with your air quality will let you know if you need repair services, a filter cleaned, or replacement services.

Areas of Your Home are Cold

If you have warm rooms and cold rooms, then you could have a problem with your furnace or a clog in your ductwork.

A Noisy System

If you have a furnace that makes noises, then it could be a sign of repair or replacement needs.  Rattling and humming can also be a sign of problems due to cracks.

Visual Clues

If you see rust or cracking around your furnace, this is a sign of wear and age.  Having your furnace replaced ensures that you have heat throughout the coldest months of the year in Michigan.